The First Post


I don't really know how to blog or what blogging is exactly, but I'll use this area to post updates about up and coming work, progress, etc. The reader should know that, at the time of this post and the creation of this webpage, The Barren Earth has not yet been published in any way or form. So this website is, in its current state, nothing but a big, egotistical mess. However, that is not to say it will remain that way. The Barren Earth has been finished (for all intents and purposes) for several months now, but the editing has taken awhile. Once the book is out, I'll be posting information about the sequels (and possibly other series) here on the site and blog. You'll be able to find a lot of it in the News section.

What we do have right now is some work from my illustrator (and very good friend) Raisha Friedman. At this point she's painted the cover and a few concept sketches for the character Lazlo. Over the next couple of weeks she will paint a back cover and make some interior illustrations in black and white, some of which I hope to post here. Check her out in the About page and in the site Gallery (which is quite small as things now stand).