It's been a while since I've posted anything here. I suppose that's mostly because there hasn't been all that much to say! The Barren Earth was released in late July and has been selling steadily ever since. And I, in a similar trend, have been writing steadily ever since. I'm not sure how long it's supposed to take an author before he or she begins to write a sequel, but I'm not ashamed to admit that, the moment after The Barren Earth went live on Amazon, I set furiously to work on the second book in the Children of The Noah trilogy.

Before we talk too much about the sequel, though, I'd like to make an announcement about The Barren Earth. Thanks to some further polishing by my fantastic editor, and some further tweaking by my equally fantastic illustrator, The Barren Earth has been revised into a brand new edition. The text is tighter (numerous spelling/grammar errors have been eliminated, much to my embarrassment), the formatting is cleaner (the annoying banner at the top of every page has been removed), and the back cover has been modified to fit the general aesthetic of the novel more closely. Essentially, it's a whole new book! A new kindle edition will be released next month as well (I'll post about it then). If you haven't purchased the book already, I highly encourage you to take the risk; the new edition is truly worth it (in my completely unbiased opinion).

In the back of the revised edition of The Barren Earth there has been a single new page added. This page serves as an official announcement of Children of The Noah: Book II, hinting that the sequel will arrive some time in 2015. The subtitle given?
Children of The Noah
Book II: 
The City of The Star Gods

Excited? I know I am. The subtitle might be a bit confusing to some readers. "Why," you might be thinking, "are gods popping up in a story about time travel and apocalypse? I want my post-armageddon wasteland back." Then again, maybe the introduction of some gods and magic makes perfect sense to you (you clever readers you). Either way, I assure you that the excitement and adventure will not be diminishing. Not only is City of The Star Gods almost twice as long as the Barren Earth (don't quote me on that), it's also just as action packed. As to the plot, I'll only say this: go take a look at Chapter Six in the Barren Earth. Was it a little bit confusing? Well, have no fear, all will become clear the instant you crack open Book II.
Here's a little mini promo:

Franklin Freeman and company leave the wasteland behind them as they travel backwards in time aboard the Noah. The ancient world they find in the past is a primitive paradise of untouched forests, blooming early civilizations, and miles upon miles of empty ocean. But all is not so peaceful and quiet as it seems. When the children stumble upon a hidden city in the middle of the Atlantic, the sinister secrets of the ancient world emerge in the welcoming guise of a glistening metropolis. Will the children discover the key to defeating the Bhasma Cloud at last? Or is the past just as close to apocalypse as the future?
Grab Mozi Box, pack some Burke Bars, power up the time machine, and don't forget your Lonie cape! The City of The Star Gods awaits!


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