I have been asked by a number of individuals over the last few months, both online and in person, when Book III will be coming out. My answer  often takes the shape of a halfhearted grin accompanied by a rather meek, "Soon, I hope!" I am certainly not trying to be coy or rude by saying as much; rather, I'm sharing with these readers (whose interest and curiosity is more dear to me than I can possibly express) exactly as much as I myself know. While the first and second books were written very quickly, being published almost within a year of one another, the third book has proved a tricky beast to tackle indeed.

Would that writers could write in vacuums, free from all the complications that weigh down life in the real world: free from deaths in the family, broken romances, pesky midterms and finals, full-time day jobs, and even other writing projects. It would be easier to put pen to paper in such a world, I expect, but the products of writing in such a listless, dull realm would prove profoundly uninteresting, if you ask me.

However, while I have been giving what I suppose could be called "dispirited" answers to curious readers for some time, I come to you now bearing facts and determination. The rough draft of Book III is not finished. The rough draft of Book III is not even half-finished. Those were the unfortunate facts. Here, however, is the determination: the rough draft of Book III will be, God willing, finished by January 1st of 2016. This means, God willing, that the book itself, after undergoing several of my own rewrites and several expert edits by the intrepid and wonderful Wayne Purdin, and after being illustrated by an as-of-yet undesignated artist, should, should, SHOULD be available to buy sometime within the summer or fall of 2016.

I hope the above will, in some small way, appease any lingering concerns out there. I can say this for certain: there will be a Book III, have no fear in that regard.

As for the actual plot of the final installment in the trilogy, I believe I can share a bit here without spoiling too much. Book II ends on quite a cliffhanger as I'm sure anyone who has read it is acutely aware. This being said, I'm sure you can use your better judgement to estimate that at least a handful of our main characters survive the predicament , after all, the series is still called Children of The Noah and there's still a whole third book for said Children to journey through. I say this only because I have been told by a select few readers that I have an unhealthy and unfortunate predilection for "killing off" their favorite characters.

I'm quite certain I have no idea what they're talking about.

Some readers may have noticed, within the pages of Book II, quite a few overt references to a certain ancient legend. Indeed, these references ended up laying the foundation for what was to be the central location in which the novel takes place. Some readers may have also noticed fledgling references to yet another, somewhat-less-ancient-but-still-quite-ancient legend.Similarly, these references (smaller and less overt in nature) form the groundwork of what is to be one of the crucial aspects of the plot of Book III.

 I will say this: Franklin and company travel to a new land populated by some old, familiar faces. To make any further guesses as to the plot of Book III, one only needs to cross reference some of the "references" found in Book II with the works of other authors. T.H. White, Thomas Malory, and Geoffrey of Monmouth come to mind. Though I really can't imagine what such a lot of disparate and distinct writers could have to do with Children of the Noah. If only there was some common theme uniting them all under one literary banner...


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